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If you are building a new bathroom or renovating an old bathroom, you can find everything you need at Bathrooms Derby.

We are sure that everyone wants their bathroom to be functional, and at the same time very beautiful. With us you can get a free design service for your bathroom. For that, you need to make a reservation before you come to us. Our designers follow all modern trends, so they will design the appearance of your bathroom with the best solutions.

At Bathrooms Derby you can find everything you need. Our showroom is open every day, even on Sundays. Here you can view our large offer of everything for the bathroom from wall tiles, floor tiles, bathtubs, sinks, shower cabins, faucets for sinks and bathtubs, cabinets and all other small things that a bathroom needs.

Bathrooms Derby

Our friendly salespeople will show you everything you are interested in and will always be happy to answer any question you may have. Since they have a lot of experience, they can very often advise you on what would be best for you or help you get rid of some dilemmas.

We don’t expect you to make a decision on your first visit. Our selection is so large that you will surely return several times before making a final decision.

As for payment, all options are considered, such as credit cards, checks and we give everything in multiple installments. You don’t have to have all the money to buy right away.

We also have organized free transportation for the goods you buy from us. When it suits you, the truck will arrive and our workers will unload everything.

If you want to have a bathroom like in the commercial, one click on Bathrooms Derby is enough. Everything you need, we know you will find it with us.

Bathrooms Derby – Everything For Your Bathroom
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